The 3 Keys to a Successful, Sustainable Career in IT

The current mantra is, “Everyone should learn to code.” The problem is most people interpret that to mean “Everyone should become a programmer.” Like many professions, programming takes a certain combination of talent and skills that not everyone possesses.

For example, when I (Cal) was younger, I decided I wanted to learn to play the guitar. My parents bought me one, and I started to take lessons. It lasted about four weeks.

I had a guitar. I could hold a guitar. …

Forget Your Job Title: No Matter What Your Role Is, You’re in Sales

A firefighter, a professor, a computer repair technician, and a lawyer are having dinner together. Which one is the salesperson?

None of them, right? One is in the business of saving lives, another teaches, one fixes stuff, and the last one keeps people out of jail.

They’re not in sales. Or are they?

The fact is that every job is a sales job. Even yours.

What do you think the firefighter is doing when he visits an elementary school classroom to …

Perfectionism Can Sink Your Business — Here’s How to Manage It

Article by Cecilia Meis

Have you ever read a job listing that describes a search for a perfectionist? The hiring company must surely have the best intentions: It wants someone who will work hard to get the job done right.

But if the company truly demands perfection, it risks never getting the job done at all.

Perfectionism is one of those sneaky things that can either propel you into serious action or paralyze your ability to accomplish even the …

So You Bombed: How to Move on After a Bad Presentation at Work

Have you ever had a horribly embarrassing public speaking experience? Were you mortified when you went blank in your high school French class when asked about Madame Thibeault’s small dog? Did you give a presentation at work and, when you looked out at the audience, become uncomfortably aware that most people were on their phones? Did you feel small, unseen, and unheard?

Whatever the circumstances, that painful memory may now …

Coping With the Stress of a Job Search When You’re Newly Sober

Looking for a job can be stressful for anyone. For those who may be fresh out of rehab for drug and alcohol addictions, the same stresses that every job seeker faces can be amplified by still other stressors unique to early recovery from substance abuse.

For example, financial concerns about not being able to pay the bills and provide for one’s family are common among job seekers. For those in early recovery who may be seeking employment, nagging debts from a …

Don’t Let These Big Threats Hinder Your Leadership Success

Being a successful leader in an organization does not shield you from career failure. In fact, the higher up you are on the org chart, the greater the risk of professional setbacks. Mistakes and blind spots at that level tend to negatively impact the broader organization, implicitly or explicitly, in addition to yourself.

How can you ensure you’re not headed for a fall? Here are some of the biggest threats …

14 Things You Should Never Say to an Interviewer

Who among us hasn’t had the experience: You walk into an interview for a job you really want, sit down in a chair, and immediately start saying things you regret.

So much hinges on what you say in the job interview — and unfortunately, it’s all to easy to let that pressure get to you. No matter how calm, cool, and collected you might be the rest of the time, job …

So You Made a Mistake at Work. Here’s How to Fix It.

We all make mistakes. It’s inevitable.

But owning up to a blunder at work isn’t always easy.

“I think it’s hard because to admit that you’re wrong is not something that’s comfortable for most people, especially in a situation like work where the stakes can be really high,” says workplace expert Alexandra Levit, author of They Don’t Teach Corporate in College. “Your first instinct is to …

How to Use the Classroom Mindset to Make Change in Your Life

Article by Lauren Lawley Head

My mother used to wash old tennis balls.

Toward the end of every summer, I would visit our community tennis club and ask the pro if she had any dead balls I could take off her hands. I would deliver a bag to my mother, who would endure the thunderous sound that comes from laundering dozens of tennis balls in a residential washing machine, then pass the lot over to my father so he …

4 Reasons Why You Should Talk to Your Coworkers About Your Salaries

Talk openly about your salary? I know what you’re thinking.

Many personal finance topics have long been taboo, and salary is definitely near the top of that list. Openly discussing wages can be off-putting, especially for those of us who directly correlate our salaries to our self-worth. Regardless of how much a person makes, talk of money …