Why Mentoring Is the Key to Achieving Your Career Goals

Earlier in my career, I asked myself, “What am I doing that is getting in the way of me reaching my goal as a leader?” I posed that question to a colleague I respected, who responded, “Have you ever asked anyone for help?” That simple question made a huge impact on me.

Even if you’ve never been involved in a formal mentoring program, you’ve had mentors along the way. A teacher, a colleague, a boss, a friend with a particular experience …

How to Cover the Unexpected Costs of Your New Job

For Americans, starting a new job is a common occurrence. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, latter-day boomers — those born between 1957 and 1964 — held an average of 12 jobs by the time they were 50, with almost half of those occurring before they even hit 25.

Each new start is an exciting time of clean slates and chances …

Is the Resume Objective Statement Truly Dead?

You’ve almost certainly heard the news: The resume objective statement is dead. It is old-fashioned, of little value, and should absolutely always be replaced with a professional summary.

There’s good reason for this sentiment: The traditional objective focuses on you, your goals, your needs, and your aspirations. Employers today are less interested in what you’re …

What’s the Difference Between Getting Fired and Getting Laid Off?

Losing your job is emotionally taxing no matter how it happens. However, it’s important not to let the shock of the news cloud your understanding of what is happening.

Getting laid off and getting fired are two very different things, and each can impact you and the future of your career in different ways. An employer may not always be clear about the terms under which they have decided to …

The 5 Biggest Challenges in the YouEconomy and How to Face Them

Article by Michael Pietrzak

Congratulations, you’ve escaped the 9-5 to become a solopreneur! You’ve decided to join the YouEconomy, the growing global movement of pioneers who have opted out of being told what to work on and when by bosses who also wonder who set up this antiquated, industrial, consumption-obsessed economy.

Will you write cheeky …

Imagine Your Life Without a Timeline: How to Succeed on Your Own Terms

Many people have told me that they feel “behind” in life because they’re failing to meet their timelines — those life plans with milestones we all feel like we are supposed to achieve within defined time frames. These milestones and timelines are actually externally imposed, yet we internalize them so thoroughly that we feel like failures when we’re not on track with them.

And so, I started wondering what life would look like without a timeline. Here are some ways to think …

Good Networking Is About Great Listening

The one thing you cannot create more of is time, so you need to maximize every opportunity you have to its fullest potential — especially when you’re networking.

You know the importance of networking for your career today and in the future. What you may not know, however, is exactly how to use a networking event to enhance your personal brand. If you want to set yourself apart and establish …

Start Small: 22 Simple Ways to Start Investing in Your Success Today

Financially speaking, smart people invest early and use the advantage of smaller gains in the shorter term to create big payoffs in the long run. Whether we’re talking mutual funds, CDs, or your retirement portfolio, slow and steady wins the race.

As it turns out, the same logic applies to investing in yourself: By making incremental investments of time and energy in small changes today, you can rack up massive dividends in the long run in the form of

Landing Your First Post-Graduation Job: 7 Practical Tips

Congratulations! Graduating from college and looking for your first “real” job is an exciting and daunting time!

The good news is the national unemployment rate is only 3.6 percent as of April 2019.

The bad news: It takes an average of five months to land a job, and 82 percent of job seekers find the process stressful,

How to Market Your Resume Like a Pro

When you’re eager to jump into a new role and have spent time and effort crafting a fresh resume, it can be almost soul-crushing to have your applications repeatedly rejected or simply ignored.

However, if you’re only applying to publicly advertised jobs, you’re missing out on a huge pool of opportunity. The perfect role is out there, and you can get it — you may just need to dig a little …