3 Things I’m Doing to Find My Own Definition of Success

Article by Mary Sauer

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fairly ambitious person. As a young child, I kept journals filled with ideas about what my future would look like. From dream jobs to where I would live, I always had a good idea of what I wanted to accomplish.

As I’ve grown older, starting a family and a career along …

5 Common Ways Entrepreneurs Endanger Their Businesses Without Realizing It

If you want your startup to be in the tiny percentage of companies that actually make money, you’re going to have to claw your way to the top. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the journey easier by avoiding unnecessary mistakes.

Before setting out to build your own business, do yourself a favor: Gain a solid understanding of the way the business world really works. Listening to a bunch of inspirational podcasts won’t cut it.

I founded

Lost and Found in Spain: How a US Ambassador’s Wife Forged Her Own Path

In 2009, Susan Lewis Solomont’s husband, Alan Solomont, was appointed US ambassador to Spain and Andorra by President Barack Obama. Susan uprooted herself, leaving behind a successful career in philanthropy and a life she loved to join her husband overseas.

An ambitious professional, Susan had hoped to find a new role in Spain. She was disappointed to learn the US Department of State deemed jobs for spouses …

Making a Career Change? How to Determine the Transferrable Tools in Your Toolkit

“Becoming limitless” means aligning what you do with who you are. If you’ve determined you need to change your career in order to do that, fret not. All is not lost. You have skills, education, and training that will transfer to your new career.

Let’s explore how the talent and expertise you’ve gained so far can help you become limitless in your next role, no matter what it is:

12 Steps to Help You Bounce Back From a Layoff

Every year, millions of Americans experience layoffs, whether because of company downsizing, cost-cutting, management changes, or some other factor.

Layoffs may be relatively common, but they’re never fun and rarely expected. As is the case with any negative situation, however, your experience with a layoff largely depends on how you react. You may …

Parents, It’s Time to Butt Out of Your Child’s Job Search

In my line of work, I run into a lot of questions about parenting — but I’m not talking about the parents of young children. No, I’m dealing with the parents of fully grown adults.

A lot of parents — and a lot of their adult children — don’t seem to know where the boundaries are when it comes to the job search, with many parents getting themselves actively involved in their children’s careers. …

What Does the Ideal Cover Letter Look Like in 2019?

Cover letters aren’t exactly fun to write, so it’s tempting to look for reasons not to write them at all. The process of applying online often gives us the very excuse we’re searching for. By not explicitly requesting cover letters, digital application portals leave the impression this once-critical document is no longer necessary.

People have been speculating for years that

5 Ways High-Achieving Women Can Break Through the Glass Ceiling

Article by Karima Mariama-Arthur

Whether they’re focused on intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship as a long-term career strategy, high-achieving women have always encountered barriers to success. What’s more interesting is how these women have mustered the courage and determination to secure a seat at the table and the power to effect change in the face of these obstacles.

And you can do it, too.

If you’re a woman looking …

In a Time of Deep Division, Work May Be the Key to Reconnecting

You walk through a crowded street or store, wedge into a space on the tram or inch home on the expressway, and you have two reactive options: feel yourself disconnected and separate from those around you, or perceive some sort of connection to these other beings scuttling about their days.

It’s not easy to feel connected. Overhead, the skies darken with “the crisis of global nationalism,”

6 Things to Know Before Beginning Your Executive Job Search

Many of us have heard the aphorism, “It’s not where you start, but where you finish.” This bit of wisdom holds true for many aspects of life — but when it comes to an executive job search, how you start has a significant impact on where you finish.

No matter why you’re heading back out into the job market, it is prudent to do your homework before diving in. Here are some …