5 Ways High-Achieving Women Can Break Through the Glass Ceiling

Article by Karima Mariama-Arthur

Whether they’re focused on intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship as a long-term career strategy, high-achieving women have always encountered barriers to success. What’s more interesting is how these women have mustered the courage and determination to secure a seat at the table and the power to effect change in the face of these obstacles.

And you can do it, too.

If you’re a woman looking …

In a Time of Deep Division, Work May Be the Key to Reconnecting

You walk through a crowded street or store, wedge into a space on the tram or inch home on the expressway, and you have two reactive options: feel yourself disconnected and separate from those around you, or perceive some sort of connection to these other beings scuttling about their days.

It’s not easy to feel connected. Overhead, the skies darken with “the crisis of global nationalism,”

6 Things to Know Before Beginning Your Executive Job Search

Many of us have heard the aphorism, “It’s not where you start, but where you finish.” This bit of wisdom holds true for many aspects of life — but when it comes to an executive job search, how you start has a significant impact on where you finish.

No matter why you’re heading back out into the job market, it is prudent to do your homework before diving in. Here are some …

Is It a Genuine Job or Just a Scam? Follow This Flowchart to Find Out:

As you’re scouring Indeed for a new gig, you come across what seems like a perfect role. It’s a work-from-home opportunity, and you’re free to set your own schedule. For just 20 hours a week, the ad says, you can make $8000 a month!

It seems too good to be true — because it is.

If you’ve ever searched for work on a job board — and, in this day and age, who hasn’t? — you’re likely familiar with these job scams. The scammers pose as …

How to Turn a Job Interview Into a Job Offer

How do you turn a job interview into a job offer?

It’s not all about your qualifications or experience. You may have gone to Harvard, then Yale, then spent five years volunteering at your local animal shelter, but if you don’t present yourself as a confident candidate, none of that really matters.

Instead of gloating about your achievements, identify yourself as a problem solver, a problem identifier, and a problem …

Speed Networking: 20+ Questions (and Advice) to Help You Stand Out

I’ve both attended and emceed speed networking events, which offer a fun and exciting way to meet a large number of people in a short amount of time. These events can take any number of formats, from round robin to group migration to mixer-seater. No matter what the format, the core philosophy is always to move quickly from person to person, sparking connections along the way.

You might get …

Job Search Breaking Your Spirit? Cut Yourself Some Slack

When it comes to job hunting, you should probably know it’s not the searching that’s hard.

Sure, searching takes time and effort, but the search itself is not why you’re in a bad mood. The search itself is not the reason you’re doubting your abilities. The search itself is not the reason your period of unemployment is dragging on for so long.

Think about it this way: You don’t usually find …

9 Effective Side Hustles to Double Your Income

It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, a bartender, or a school teacher. Everyone could use some extra money. It’s no surprise, then, that people everywhere are taking on side hustles to supplement their incomes.

But what side hustles pay well? Which ones can actually increase your earnings enough to make it worth working all those extra hours?

Here are nine great side hustles that can help double …

Christy Wright’s Best Tips for Launching a YouEconomy Business

Article by Cecilia Meis

The farm was beautiful: A moderate house and 11-stall barn built on 40 acres outside of Nashville. It reminded Christy Wright of her dad, and of Bo, the wobbly legged foal she watched take its first steps nearly two decades prior. Bo was her first horse. He was wild and adventurous, kind of like her. She had wanted to live on a ranch since that day. She wanted this ranch.

But there was one not-so-small problem: …