How to Not Suck as a Speaker: 15 Ideas

When I was in eighth grade, I gave the commencement speech at my middle school graduation. I practiced hard, wrote and rewrote, selected my outfit, and delivered a powerhouse speech. Everyone from the teachers to my peers thought I’d surely pursue some sort of career in public speaking.

As the years wore on, however, I gravitated more toward writing. It started with creative writing, then turned to journalism, and finally …

4 Simple Ways to Stand Out During Your Job Search

Embarking on a new job search can be a stressful, overwhelming experience. In order to secure the right position for yourself, you need to find a way to stand out from the hundreds of other applicants vying for the same opening. A great resume and cover letter are necessary starting points, but they are far from enough. Go the extra mile by deploying these strategies during your next job search:

1. …

This New Year, Let Go of Fear

Any time we approach a new year, there’s a lot of talk about setting new goals for our careers, our families, our fitness, or other personal pursuits.

For me, it’s interesting to think about which goals will be achieved and which will be shelved. I often wonder: Is success driven primarily by the particular goal, or by the person achieving it?

My belief is that the achievers do, in fact, possess …

How to Explain — and Make the Most of — an Employment Gap

Career-orientated people don’t make a habit of missing work, but sometimes things beyond our control can pull us out of the workforce.

Anyone can face an employment gap, but women are especially prone to them, which can exacerbate the wage gap, contribute to low numbers of women in the C-suite, and leave younger women without female mentors and advisors in the workforce. Part of the reason for this is biological. …

Start Your New Year Off Right: Get a Raise With These 11 Tips

Knowing how to ask for a raise is a skill that will serve you well throughout your entire professional career. Even a small annual increase can significantly improve your financial standing, allowing you to pay off debt faster, save more aggressively, or go on more vacations.

However, asking for a raise is rarely as simple as it seems. If you’re new to the workforce, have never asked for a raise …

Should I Stay or Should I Go? How to Determine If That New Job Is a Good Fit

Surfing the job boards one day, you come across an ad for what seems like the perfect role for you. You send in an application, and you hear back from the employer right away with a request for an interview. You go in for your first interview, which you ace, followed by a few more, which also go well. A week later, the phone rings. You got the job.

You show up to work on your first day, eager to make …

5 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Navigate a Career Change

Changing careers involves a lot of adjusting. You may feel a little lost along the way. You might even have moments when you think it’d be better to throw in the towel.

Don’t give up! Dig deep for motivation, never forget why you started this journey, and keep going until you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.

When I need motivation, I like to collect inspirational quotes I …

6 Reasons to Quit Your Job Today

If you dread going to work, you’re not alone. In fact, only 15 percent of workers around the world are engaged at work, according to Gallup.

What gives? Why do so many people suffer through jobs they don’t like all that much instead of jumping ship?

It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s always something better out there. If any of these five things is happening …

More Than Just Eggnog: Holiday Parties Are Perfect Networking Opportunities

Chances are you’ve got holiday parties coming up in both your work and personal lives — and you might not be able to avoid them!

These parties can be draining, especially for those of us who are introverts. This time of year can be rough for everyone, though. It can feel like there’s just no room for yet another item on the to-do list!

However, if you’re planning to be on the job market next year, holiday parties can be the perfect …

Look the Part: How to Make a Great First Impression at Your Interview

We all like to think our shot at securing a dream job is solely a matter of our abilities. Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely the case.

A number of factors can influence your success in an interview, and whether or not we like to admit it, image and looks are two of them. This might sound superficial at first glance, but the way you present yourself truly does say a lot about how you see yourself. Employers want to know you are …