The Career Hoop, Part 3: Rising to the Top Before Age 40

Now, that you’ve gotten yourself on the right career track, it’s time to start thinking about your journey to the C-suite.

Landing an executive position before age 40 is difficult, sure, but people do it all the time.

That said, it does take some hard work. …

Finding the Fast Track to your Dream Job

If you find yourself daydreaming at work about another, better job, it’s time to make a change.

That said, it’s unwise to hand in your resignation letter without a plan. Below, we’ll discuss how to find the most efficient path to your dream job. To do that, you’ll need to understand what you’re after and how to be both competitive and realistic as you embrace the journey ahead.

Understand the Job Market — and Yourself

You may have a general …

7 Rules for Getting Hired in the Digital Age

When you’re searching for a job in today’s digital age, it is important to leverage the right tools and tips to find the role that best meets your needs. While you can go the traditional route of searching on free career sites, it may not deliver the types of roles you need to advance your career.

That’s because there are new rules for getting hired in the digital age, and it’s …

The Why and How Behind a Powerfully Strategized and Distinctively Written Executive LinkedIn Profile

While some experts might say the absence of a strong executive LinkedIn presence is a career-killer, I would not go that far. Many executives have wildly successful careers without ever venturing onto LinkedIn.

That said, LinkedIn has 562 million users (and growing) around the world, and increasingly more recruiters are tapping into LinkedIn as their go-to source when vetting candidates. Given these facts, you may want to seriously …

Testing the Market: 3 Steps to Finding the Right Role in a Hot Job Economy

The job market is hot, and you are probably in demand. This is your chance to go for the right role, at the right company, and with the right manager.

Finding a great job is a job of its own. It takes planning and execution to find a job better in all respects than the one you have now.

There are two common reasons why people fail to take action to …