How 8 Insanely Successful People Dealt With Getting Fired

Getting fired is never easy. Even if you’ve grown bored with your job or are actively unhappy at work, being let go hurts.

It can be all too easy to respond by isolating yourself or turning inward in self-doubt. However, getting fired can also be an opportunity for immense personal and professional growth. You can take this time to learn a lesson from the past while focusing on all the …

The Career Hoop, Part 1: 5 Reasons Why Your Job Search Feels Hopeless

Are you in the process of searching for a new job? Are you giving it your all, going to interviews, and still having no luck?

The job search can be overwhelming, especially when you’re interviewing but not landing a position. That can be a blow to your self-esteem which leaves you wondering,
“What’s wrong with me? Am I in the wrong field? Will anyone ever hire me?”

It’s time to get …

5 Hogwash Reasons for Not Joining LinkedIn

Recently, I was invited to speak at a networking event about LinkedIn — to a group of people who aren’t convinced of LinkedIn’s value. My initial reaction was to tell these naysayers that LinkedIn isn’t for everyone, but then I realized that would be the easy way out.

Given that

10 Ways to Avoid Living With Regret

We often assume that other people’s successes have been easily achieved. They must be incredibly smart or lucky to do such great things, right?

In reality, success is frequently the product of failure. Sheer determination to keep pushing past fears and failures is often the quickest road to success. One of the best examples I can give you …

The 5 Best US Airports for Business Travelers

In an ideal world, business trips would always go ahead smoothly and as planned. The frustrating reality is this rarely happens.

Delays and cancellations are a fact of life when you’re traveling by flight. Not only can these obstacles affect your perceived reliability and professionalism by making you late to important functions, but they can also greatly impact your mood. If you reach your destination late, stressed, guilty, and tired, you’re …

Thinking Outside the Box? Overrated.

At one time or another, every business professional has been told to “think outside the box!” After all, that’s the only way to drive innovation, right?

Not exactly.

Not only has “thinking outside the box” become more of a generic stock phrase than real, actionable advice, but it may have never been good advice in the first place.

“Outside-the-box thinking is often valued because the perception is that outside the box is where innovation and new ideas come from,” says Brad …

Remember These 3 Things When Building a Thriving Company Culture

After speaking to hundreds of business leaders, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs at the helm of awesome cultures, I’ve uncovered some common themes in their culture-building successes. To boil these themes down to their most basic expressions: Purpose inspires, values guide, and habits define.

Time and time again, I find these essentials to ring true, regardless of industry. When there’s a great company culture, you’ll find these three things present.

How …

How to Manage Workaholism

Article by Cecilia Meis

It goes by many names: the hustle, the grind, going all in. Entrepreneurs wear their long work hours, dark under-eye circles, and stress-induced weight fluctuations like badges of honor. We look up to these people who sacrifice weekends and a good night’s rest as the dedicated few willing to do what it takes to achieve greatness. They seem almost superhuman, eternally the first ones …

3 Tips for Millennials Working With Gen. X Bosses

According to the Pew Research Center, millennials are the largest generation in the US labor force. Unfortunately, they don’t always get along with the other generations in the workforce.

This is especially true in the case of relationships between millennials and Gen. X-ers, who are often millennials’ bosses. As Yvette Maurice writes for Open Colleges