Are You Selling Yourself Short on Your Resume?

Modesty? There’s a time and a place for it, but trying to land an interview for your dream job is certainly neither.

Your resume is your personal marketing tool. If it’s not selling your skills, achievements, and experience effectively, it’s putting the brakes on your job search.

Want to know if your resume is selling you short? Check out the following tips:

Are You Holding Recruiters’ Attention?

Avoid These Mistakes When Building Your Personal Brand

When you want to build a name for yourself, taking time to focus on your brand is crucial.

What is a personal brand? In short, it’s who you are, what you are good at, and what people go to you for. It’s your reputation and your unique set of skills, values, and strengths. Your personal brand represents your value to your target company.

In today’s digital world, boosting your brand …

3 Ways to Use the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Accelerate Your Career

Article by Dan Lauer

“Fail fast; learn fast.”

That’s a mantra we’ve heard repeatedly over the past decade, especially as startup culture has entered mainstream consciousness. However, a part of me has always wondered how many of us actually take it to heart.

In my own entrepreneurial career, which has included both spectacular successes and failures, I’ve been forced to face my mistakes and grow from them as …

What Does Artificial Intelligence Think of Your Resume?

When you think of artificial intelligence (AI), what comes to mind? Do you imagine some sort of master computer that knows all? Do you think about films like I, Robot or Ex Machina?

Science fiction has warped our expectations of AI and robotics. We’re a far way off from a robot apocalypse, but AI has slowly entered into our everyday lives in a number of small …

How to Write a Resume That Wins Interviews

Recruiters only spend about six seconds reading your resume before they make a decision about your qualifications, which means you have very little time to catch and retain their attention.

In my experience as a resume writer, I have noticed my clients making the same job-costing mistakes over and over. These mistakes are usually made in …

Wages for Nannies Are on the Rise in America’s ‘Child Care deserts.’ Here’s How to Make the Most of the Opportunity:

Across the country, there’s a growing demand for quality child care professionals. It’s a great profession. Working with children provides a rewarding career path, rising wages, and flexible hours. Researchers say automation will affect 47 percent of American jobs in the next 20 years — but child care jobs will not be among them.

And …

The Reality of Being Underpaid

Have you ever heard that just getting your foot in the door with a target employer is enough? The theory is that if you get your foot in the door, even at a low level, you can work your way up over time.

I understand the reasoning behind this career strategy, and it has been common wisdom for quite a while. In today’s professional environment, however, this approach can backfire.

Many companies no longer prioritize promoting from within. Employees change jobs …

7 Reasons Why You Need Personal Business Cards, and 7 Facts to Include on Them

A funny story I tell my workshop attendees: Once, I ordered 250 personal business cards from Vistaprint — only to find when I opened them that I’d spelled my occupation wrong: “worksop facilitator.”

There went 250 business cards into the trash. I’m ashamed to even type this, but I’m making a point: Spell-check your order before submitting it.

That said, my point today is a bit bigger than that. The real message is: You, as a job seeker, need your own

The Most Powerful Question to Ask When Prepping for a Speech or Presentation: Why You?

You’re preparing to give your first company-wide presentation, and you want to make a good impression. In prepping for it, you need to ask yourself one deceptively simple question that can make or break your success: Why you?

In other words: What gets you out of bed in the morning? Why do you care about your work? What made you choose this career or industry? What are you proud of in your work?

Why you? is the …

14 Tips to Help You Find Your Next Job

As of September, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports unemployment is below four percent. Job market competition is fierce, as people are more confident about their chances of landing new positions under these conditions.

The modern job search is full of twists, turns, and turbulence. There is no magic pill to guarantee success. Instead, job seekers need a …