Transitioning Out of the Military? Try Starting a Career in Recruiting

When you’re transitioning out of the military and into the civilian workforce, the change can be a difficult one to navigate. Military life and civilian professions can be dramatically different, which may leave you wondering how to successfully make the jump.

There are many resources out there to help veterans get their feet in the doors of civilian professions, but one you may not know about is the Recruiter….

Building Your Organizational Community: Inspiring Loyalty and a Sense of Belonging Among Diverse Constituents

I once worked with a CEO who was having trouble retaining employees. His company had a high turnover rate, and he told me the endless process of hiring new people to replace those who had left was costly, both in terms of actual expenses and time spent by his staff onboarding and training new people.

I asked about the training. What did that involve? How did the company build a cohesive organizational community?

“Training?” he replied. “We show each new employee …

5 Remote Work Tools to Make Life Easier

Today, more and more companies are offering partially or even fully remote roles — and given the perks that come with working remotely, we can’t blame them.

Working from home can be extremely helpful in improving productivity. In the office, it’s easy to be distracted by coworkers walking up to your desk to chitchat or request something from you. If you work remotely, your colleagues must send their requests in writing, …

Introducing Singularity-X: The Next-Generation Digital Asset Exchange Putting Customers First

While cryptocurrency itself has many people excited about its possibilities, we can’t really say the same for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Ever since the bitcoin boom began in earnest, crypto users have found themselves continuously frustrated with their options in the crypto exchange market. As John Biggs reported for TechCrunch last December:
Kraken is throwing up server errors every few login attempts. Coinbase can’t keep up with account creation and they …

6 Tips to Make Yourself Promotable

Article by Lisa M. Aldisert

I work with a manager who has a solid employee whom we’ll call Chris. During his annual performance review this year, Chris broached the topic of receiving a promotion. Chris does a good job, but frankly, it isn’t anything out of the ordinary. He works 9-5, does what is required, but never really goes that extra mile. He isn’t a mentor to junior …

Are You Impressing Employers?

You want career fulfillment, but with minimum effort. That’s the message I get when there’s nothing in your resume, social profiles, or interview answers that clearly demonstrates your value.

Where there’s no differentiation between you and the competition, someone else who does stand out will get the job.

A young client once told me a story about his first job at Walmart. He was fired after three months. As parting words, his manager said to him, “You do nice work — when …

3 Advanced Interview Tips to Boost Your Job Search Results Tenfold

Your job search success depends primarily on how well you build and develop relationships. This is especially true during the interview. You want to show your interviewers that they can trust you to be a valuable, reliable, engaged member of the team, should they hire you.

In this article, I’ll cover three ways to create strong relationships with interviewers during your job search.

1. Ask Good Questions

The best way to …

8 Areas Where Job Seekers Can Make Their Voices Heard on Their LinkedIn Profiles

One of the things I like about LinkedIn is it gives you the ability to express yourself through language and images. Job seekers can take advantage of this to give hiring authorities an idea of their personalities. Resumes, on the other hand, don’t offer as much room for self-expression.

The goal of your resume is to make you stand out among hundreds of others who are competing for the …

The Macro- and Micro-Level Reasons Why Salespeople Are Struggling to Make Their Numbers

Sales has never been an easy profession, but our research shows that more salespeople than ever are struggling to make their numbers. Over the last five years, the percentage of salespeople making quota dropped by 10 points. The percentage of companies achieving revenue also dropped by nearly 4 points.

If you’re in senior leadership, this performance decline can be incredibly frustrating. You’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, in CRM solutions and other technologies designed to make your

Don’t Let Your Vacation Put a Halt to Your Career Advancement

One of the most common obstacles preventing people from changing jobs is their vacation time.

Let me explain.

Many of us start our jobs with a certain amount of available vacation time — say 1-2 weeks. With each passing year, more days are added to your yearly allowance. After a while, you may find that you now bank 4-5 weeks of vacation time every year.

It took you so long to earn that precious month off every year. The prospect of …