The No. 1 Reason Job Seekers Make Bad Career Decisions

We spend about a third of our days at our jobs, and yet roughly 70 percent of us are unhappy with our careers.

While a lack of praise from leadership can explain this unhappiness, the job’s fit may be a problem, too. It’s not necessarily that an employee isn’t smart enough to do the job they’ve chosen; even the smartest people make

4 Communication Touchpoints to Focus on During Your Next Interview

In an interview setting, communication skills can make all the difference in determining which of two equally skilled candidates will get the job.

Some people are naturally good communicators, giving them the advantage. If you don’t consider yourself a natural, that doesn’t mean you’re incapable of improvement, nor does it mean you need to act like someone you aren’t. The value of authenticity in communication is undeniable.

However, if you …

Retain Your Top Employees by Being a Great Leader

As the unemployment rate in the US continues to hover around 4 percent, finding and keeping quality employees is becoming more difficult. However, it is not impossible.

To retain great employees, it is imperative to first be a great leader. Studies show that an employee’s relationship with their supervisor can significantly influence their commitment to …

SXSW 2018 Recap: My First Year at the Festival

I recently had the opportunity to attend South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, for the first time. If you’ve never been, SXSW is a giant festival in downtown Austin that draws in thousands of people. Founded in 1987, SXSW can bring more than $300 million to Austin’s economy every year.

Since it first began, SXSW has grown in both size and scope. It now combines a number of festivals into …

Worried a Bankruptcy Could Affect Your Job Search? Take These 5 Steps

Will yesterday’s bankruptcy filing come back to haunt you in today’s job search? Some job seekers worry that a background check could unearth embarrassing details about the state of their finances, but is this a reasonable concern?

If you’ve filed for bankruptcy, you definitely aren’t alone. According to the National Bankruptcy Forum, a nationwide group of bankruptcy lawyers, …

5 Questions to Help You Prepare for Your First Job Interview

Preparing for your first job interview can be a nerve-racking experience, but the best way to minimize your anxiety is to take the time to prepare before the interview.

Research the company and the role, review your resume, and think about the questions you may be asked. In particular, you may want to practice your answers to the following five questions, as there is a very good chance you’ll face …

The Art of Bragging Appropriately (and Why It’s Crucial for Today’s Business Professional)

What does it mean to “brag appropriately” in the professional world? And why is this a critical skill for today’s workers?

Few professionals can answer these questions, regardless of their title or prestige. I know this from firsthand experience.

Over the years, I’ve had the honor and privilege to provide career coaching and consulting services to many individuals. I’ve worked with people ranging from entry-level job seekers to executives at Fortune 500 companies such as Merck, Wells Fargo, and Capitol One.

Based …

5 Things Consultants Do That Job Seekers Should Imitate

Many job seekers approach their job searches as if they were waiting for someone to tell them what to do. I have seen professionals of all levels behave this way. People naturally take the path of least resistance. They want to write a resume quickly and toss it to the turbulent winds of job boards. With luck, maybe 2 out of every 100 applications leads to a loose employment prospect.

Even professionals who …

How Road Warriors Manage Travel Burnout

Business travel is not as glamorous or enviable as marketers would have us believe. Of all employees in a company, none are more susceptible to burnout than road warriors. Their burnout rates are likely unsustainable. On top of that, conventional practices of business travel may fuel their exhaustion and hide the best solutions to the problem.

A Grim Picture

Burnout — physical or mental exhaustion caused by stress — is …

Why Women Should Network to Overcome Gender Stereotypes in the Workplace and Boardroom

It’s a terrible truth that in 2018, many women still struggle for equal treatment in the workplace and equal respect in the C-suite.

Recently, we had the chance to speak with Cyndi Sax, senior vice president of professional services at talent development firm Caliper, about the challenges women face on the job. Check out the following (minimally edited) transcript of the email conversation for Sax’s thoughts on how networking can be …