How to Overcome the Fear of Asking Questions During an Interview

Asking questions is a critical part of any job interview. Yet despite the fact that asking questions is a relatively mundane activity in daily life, many of us find the prospect of posing questions during an interview stressful. Perhaps it makes you feel self-conscious, or maybe you’re worried you might look clueless to the interviewer.

Whatever the reason, people often feel petrified of asking questions during job interviews. However, we all …

The New World of Social Media: What Should You Be Sharing?

Social media used to be fun. We could use it to stay connected with friends and family around the world. We could even expand our friend circles by meeting new people and rekindling old connections. For example, social media helped me reconnect with friends who date back to kindergarten. Before the internet, this would have been much more difficult.

Fast forward to today. Social media feel less purposeful …

All by Myself: How to Survive and Thrive in the Gig Economy

Gig workers now make up 34 percent of the American workforce, and that number is expected to reach 43 percent by 2020, according to a recent report from CNN Money. However, many of these workers struggle to maintain their well-being. Life in the gig economy is quite different from traditional employment, posing new sets of challenges for …

What It Really Means to Be ‘Overqualified’

It doesn’t make any sense: You work your whole career learning skills and gaining experience, only to one day have a hiring manager say you are “overqualified.”

You wonder what that really means. You meet the qualifications and requirements. How is that a bad thing?

Below are some of the reasons why hiring managers may label you overqualified, as well as some advice on

Shake Like You Mean It!

The handshake is a lost art. We fist-bump, high-five, chest-bump, give thumbs up, kiss cheeks, hug, and wave – but our etiquette has so devolved that shaking hands is now rare.

The handshake may be forgotten by many, but it’s not obsolete, nor is it extinct by any means. It is still the way professionals greet each other. It’s also great when you’re making a first impression to convert a stranger …

3 Actions to Take When Coworkers Can’t Co-Work

Article by Simon Slade

Business owners, entrepreneurs, managers – anyone in charge of a team – will be required to mediate conflict at some point in their career. Even if your team has great rapport, there will come a time when two or more colleagues can’t see eye to eye.

Mediation is not a responsibility one can take lightly. Unresolved conflicts don’t only affect the involved parties – they affect the …

12 Ways to Connect With Your Community During Your Job Search

For some job seekers, attending an organized networking event is like meeting your future in-laws for the first time. In other words: It’s downright frightening. One job seeker once told me she always hyperventilates before she goes to such an event.

Perhaps you feel similar symptoms of dread when you have to attend organized networking events. It’s understandable if you do. At these events, you’re expected to engage in …

The 3 ‘Mini-Habits’ of Productive People

Have you ever wanted to change the way your work impacts your life? If so, you’re not alone.

At VitalSmarts, we recently asked more than 800 people this same question. We found that three out of four people have wanted to be more productive, less stressed, and more present. Despite this prevailing desire to change the way work impacts our …

5 Ways Your Job Search Can Capture the Spirit of March Madness

Not everyone enjoys college basketball, but the NCAA’s March Madness tournament is an exciting thing to watch. I, personally, get hooked on the enthusiasm of the fans. I also love those last-minute game-winning shots, especially when the home crowd rushes the court to celebrate.

In stark contrast to the spirit of March Madness, your average job search …

When Layoffs Are on the Horizon, Let Your Employees Go With Dignity

As part of my job, I work with professionals who have recently become unemployed. Often, the person was let go due to something outside of their control, like a company-wide reorganization or a team-wide layoff.

No matter how talented an employee is, a company has to look out for its own best interests. That I understand. Most of the people with whom I work understand this, too.

What I don’t …