Actuaries of the Future: What Role Will actuaries Play in Shaping the AI-Led Insurance Companies of Tomorrow?

Cast your eye down your newsfeed and one thing is clear: Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived in insurance. From natural-language processing and chatbots for claims resolution to big data and algorithms in the actuarial back office, it seems there is barely a cog in the venerable insurance machine that AI will leave untouched.

Insurance has always been a balance of people, who remain much the same, and technology, which changes …

How Applicant Tracking Systems Fool Job Seekers

If you’re actively searching for jobs online, I have some advice for you. It’s advice that isn’t widely discussed, but it’s nonetheless vital.

People like myself, who have worked with applicant tracking systems (ATSs) extensively, know that ATSs are designed for employers to use. They are not designed with job seekers in mind. The ATS makes it easier for the employer to hire, not for the job seeker to get …

The Last Taboo Topic: Your Job Search

In the age of oversharing online, searching for a job seems to be the one topic no one is willing to discuss.

In a recent survey of 10,000 job seekers from around the world, Indeed found that 65 percent of job seekers worry about other people finding out they’re on the hunt for a new job. Twenty-four percent of job seekers said their

If You’re a Freelancer, Your Resume Still Matters

Yes, as a freelancer, your probably have a LinkedIn profile and/or website to which you can direct prospective clients. However, many clients will still ask for your resume – which means the document still matters.

That means you need to make sure your resume is professional, well-thought-out, and able to accomplish its goal: get you a meeting with a potential client. If those meetings aren’t rolling in, then your resume …

6 Dos and Don’ts for Handling Conflict

Article by Nate Regier

How conflict is handled separates great leaders from leadership liabilities. Poor leaders mishandle conflict in three predictable ways:

1. They Give In

Conflict is difficult and often scary. It challenges your sense of self, your confidence, and …

The 4 Components of Successful Job-Search Networking Emails

During a recent resume critique, one of my clients told me about his networking efforts. He was proactive and went knocking on a company’s door; as a result, something promising was now in the works.

Not that he literally knocked on the company’s door, although that is a viable option. Instead, this client had sent a networking email to one of the directors at the company. …

The Visual Guide to Starting Your New Job Off on the Right Foot

It’s normal to be nervous before starting a new job. Will your coworkers like you? Will your boss be impressed? Will you quickly adjust to new policies and procedures, or will you accidentally follow your old job’s guidelines?

Instead of letting your imagination run away with itself, pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay. Remember: The company chose you for a reason. The hiring …

In 2018, Resolve to Improve Your Career

Look back on 2017. How many times did you think to yourself, “If only I work a little harder, my boss will recognize my value. Next year, I will get a decent raise and a promotion. I’m really not happy, but I have no other choice”?

If you had these thoughts or similar ones, then 2018 is your year. Let’s face the facts. Your boss may recognize your value, or they may continue to take advantage of your hard work. You may get …

Using LinkedIn to Make Your Freelance Business More Visible

If you run an independent business as a freelancer, you need to be prospecting for clients on LinkedIn. The site, when used correctly, can be your secret to getting clients chasing you.

Before you start prospecting, however, you need to give your profile a complete revamp. Does the information in your work history show off the impressive results you have achieved? Do you have plenty of recommendations from …

How to Answer ‘Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake’ in 4 Easy Steps

No one likes to talk about the mistakes they’ve made. However, interviewers want to know about more than just your successes. They want to hear it all — the good, the bad, and the ugly. That includes your mistakes.

This is why I’m surprised when I conduct mock interviews and my participants aren’t prepared for the common directive, “Tell me about a time when you made a mistake.” I explain to my participants that good interviewers will challenge them with questions like …