7 Ways to Make the Most of Your ‘Blank’ Moments

Article by Tammy Danan

We’ve all been there: You’re on deadline, but your mind refuses to get going. The phenomenon goes by many names, including “writer’s block,” “creative block,” and “dry spell.” I call them “blank moments.”

Because of the many blank moments I’ve encountered in my life – and the intense level of procrastination

Tools and Tips to Better Proofread Your Resume and Cover Letter

A resume riddled with spelling and grammar errors will impress nobody. Think you’re immune? There is a good chance you aren’t: According to CareerBuilder, 58 percent of employers commonly dismiss candidates because their resumes have typos.

Avoid being rejected outright by making use of the following tools to proofread

Leaders, Do You Have Commitment Issues?

Have you ever gotten frustrated because you didn’t hit a goal you had set for yourself? I’m betting you have. It happens to even the best leaders from time to time.

When something doesn’t happen or a ball gets dropped along the way to achieving a goal, the result is often irritation and the sense that the goal may have been unreachable after all.

But I don’t agree with that. …

Nailing the Interview Process, Part 5: First Impressions Count

I’m sure you were told as a child to look the person with whom you were talking in the eyes. You may have also been instructed to deliver a firm, yet gentle handshake, not a limp one. I bet you were told to smile, too. Your guardians wanted you to come across as likable, because being likable would get you far in this world.

All of these lessons you were taught as a child apply today. Now that you’re an adult, …

Dealing With a Bad Boss: Why Empathy Is Key

A boss can make the workplace miserable. Given how much time people spend in the office, life itself can become wretched when dealing with a bad boss. You may feel angry, humiliated, anxious, and/or depressed.

You tell your coworkers just how bad this supervisor is.

Your boss really is a “jerk,” you claim.

“A schmuck,” you all agree.

You consider doing something about it, but you end up taking …

This One Detail Could Totally Transform Your Resume

People tend to leave one crucial detail out of their resumes: their results! However, including this detail could totally transform your resume and make it much more effective.

Don’t sell yourself short. Give your results a prominent place on your resume.

Why Do Results Matter?

Anyone can say they’re a great employee, but very few people can …

Keeping the Bridge Intact: 5 Ways You Can Network

“I am too busy to network.”

I hear this all the time from people at every rung of the career ladder, from the C-suite all the way down to new professionals. For those who do it well, however, networking has long been the preferred strategy for pursuing career opportunities. These days, our hyper-connected society means there are more opportunities than ever to leverage your networks and open doors to …

Flexible Work Arrangements: Do You Dare Ask in an Interview?

Flexible work arrangements are growing in popularity. An increasing number of employees work remotely, have flexible schedules, or work compressed workweeks. Flexible work arrangements can be attractive not only to employees, but also to employers who want to prevent burnout and improve employee retention.

Basecamp, the popular online project tool, is a Chicago-based company that has found great success with a team of employees who are all free to work remotely.

Always Take the First Interview

One day, out of the blue, you receive a call from a recruiter. They’re recruiting for a position you’ve never even heard of, let alone applied for. You don’t know how they got your name or phone number. The recruiter asks if you know anyone who might be interested.

It’s always a surprising call to receive, even if you’ve received similar calls in the past. If you’re like many people, you may start to run through the list of friends who “…

6 Ways Millennials Can Overcome Their Stereotypes, From a Millennial CEO

Millennials get a bad rap – perhaps deservedly.

While there are always exceptions, generally speaking, millennials have less patience and (forgive me) fewer skills than people of earlier generations. They’re finickier, dicier, more restless. They’re also less loyal and not afraid to take full advantage of happy hours and vacation time.

Due to all of the above, millennials are often viewed by the older generations who currently lead most of the world’s organizations as lazy, insolent, and petulant. I’m not …