4 Cringe-Worthy Career Moments (and What I Learned From Them)

The other day, I was looking through a bunch of old photos in my attic. I cringed at my short, poofy ’80s hair and laughed at my first pair of bifocals (yes, I had bifocals at 10, like a weirdo).

Those cringe-worthy moments are sort of a given for all of us. You thought you were so cool at the time, but later on, the photographic evidence proves you so patently were not.

Even so, those cringe-inducing memories are …

5 Qualities That Make You Stand Out to Recruiters

As we’ve all experienced firsthand, it can be difficult to catch an employer’s or recruiter’s attention. When hundreds of candidates apply to a single job post, it’s no longer enough to simply meet all the qualifications.

So, what else are recruiters looking for in potential employees? There are five qualities that make the biggest impression on decision-makers in the hiring process. If you embody them, you’ll be sure to stand …

5 Ways You’re Hurting Your Chances of Landing Your Dream Job

Finding a job opportunity you’re really excited about can feel like a miracle, especially if you’ve been stuck in a job search rut for a while. However, when chasing your ideal job opportunity, you need to do more than apply and hope for the best.

It’s time to overhaul your approach and adopt a more targeted, strategic method for finding the next step in your career.

Let’s take a look at …

9 High-Paying Part-Time Jobs for Students

Back when I was a college student, I made money by working as a resident assistant. Basically, I sat in the dorm hall from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. on the weekends while all my friends were out partying, checking the ID of every drunk kid who wandered in to make sure they actually belonged there. I earned a measly $10 an hour for this privilege.

Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice your weekends for flimsy paychecks like I did – because you …

Why Employees Love Feedback But Hate Reviews

Employees want feedback – especially millennials. With millennials set to comprise 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025, the desire for feedback among workers will only grow.

Given how much employees crave feedback, you may be surprised to learn they’re not so keen on performance reviews.

What’s going on here?

Generally speaking, the problem is that employees …

5 Reasons Why Feedback Is Integral to Job Search Success

When my oldest son was about five years old, he used to put a small piece of toilet paper in the toilet water when he had finished his business. It didn’t register as odd to me at first. As a father, I was concerned about accuracy and aim (you know what I mean). After all, you want your children to be functional, right?

But after seeing him do this a few times, I decided to ask him why he was doing …

3 Things That Can Impact an Employee’s Confidence (and Performance)

“As individuals, we don’t usually perform beyond the limits of the way we see ourselves, whatever those limits may be,” writes business performance coach Kirstin O’Donovan. “Somebody with low self-confidence doesn’t normally accept challenges beyond their comfort zone, whereas somebody who has high self-confidence doesn’t feel the desire to stay in their comfort zone.”

When you analyze your employees’ performance at work – or even your own …

The 3 Successful People You Need to Have in Your Corner

Article by Minda Honey

From the very first time I worked a drive-thru window at 16 years old, when I began intuitively upsizing customers’ soda and soft-serve orders, I’d been cultivating a career in sales. After nearly a decade of working for large corporations, however, I decided to enroll in graduate school and begin a new career as a writer. Less than six months after graduating, I …

The Dos and Don’ts of Nailing Your Phone Interview

The principles of acing a phone interview are roughly the same as acing an in-person interview. So why do phone interviews feel so much more uncomfortable?

To help you navigate this often nerve-racking interaction, here are some dos and don’ts:


1. Do treat the phone interview like an in-person interview. It is important that, as an interviewee, you see the value in the phone interview step. …

As the Nature of Work Changes, So Must We

The daily dose of vulgarity continues to distract us all from very real solutions to our very real problems. We stand at one of those fundamental turning points in history. How people live and work are changing rapidly. This process is creating quite a few casualties, but the biggest may be the casualty of thought.

Twenty-two million American workers characterize themselves as “underemployed.” Of course people are …