Don’t Make These Cringe-Worthy Interview Mistakes!

Summer is officially here! If you’re like us, your steps are lighter, your mood is better, and even Monday mornings seem just a little more pleasant. You probably also care a little less about the small things.

But you know who hasn’t stopped caring about the little things? The interviewer you’ll be meeting at your next job interview. It’s easy to throw your cares away, but don’t make careless mistakes …

5 Ways to Come Out From Under the Cloud of Underemployment

Underemployment is an epidemic in America. For many workers today, it feels like a punishment to receive such low pay after all the money and time poured into their educations. I don’t even think “underemployment” was a word in nineteen-eighty-whenever-that-was. Now, you’re handed an umbrella too small to cover your arms from the storm.

I had my own period of underemployment, and though it was partially my fault, no one told me how much damage it would do to …

These Statistics Will Change the Way You Apply to Jobs

According to Glassdoor, every corporate job opening attracts an average of 250 resumes. Only 4-6 of these candidates will be interviewed, and of course, only one will receive a job offer. In terms of percentages, this means that only about 2 percent of candidates for a job will ever get called to interview.

What This Means for …

41 Unusual Career Tips From a Recruiter

There is no opening act. Let’s just get started:

1. Don’t Ask How

Don’t ask how you can help. Do your research and figure out a way to help.

When people email and ask how they can help, it creates more work for me. Now I have to think of how they can help. I don’t know them or what they are good at.

I’ve emailed senior people before with the same question. The web holds more information now than …

5 Tips for Job Seekers Who Want to Work for a Nonprofit

Whether you are a recent graduate or looking to make a career change, working in the nonprofit industry can be incredibly fulfilling. Most of us will ultimately spend the majority of our waking hours at work, so why not spend those hours passionately engrossed in a job where you can do your part to impact humanity? At least, that’s how I felt after I left a three-week-old job in the …

The What, Why, and When of Payroll Outsourcing

Running a business means juggling a variety of administrative responsibilities. Outsourcing payroll could make your job easier.

Most successful entrepreneurs know how to delegate. To maintain a certain standard of service, roles and responsibilities must be passed to the right people in the business. In a larger sense, this is how outsourcing works: A third-party organization is engaged to take care of some essential administrative process, leaving the business itself – and its employees – free to concentrate on delivering core services.

One …

For a Punchier Resume, Use the Active Voice

If your resume is full of phrases like “was responsible for …”, then you’re using the passive voice. A lot of people make this mistake. If you want a stronger resume, you need to replace the passive voice with the active voice.

The Difference Between Active and Passive Voice:

In a nutshell, the passive voice describes things that happened to you; the active voice describes …

Hey College Grads: Here Are the Best and Worse Places to Start Your Career

If there’s one thing recent college graduates are beginning to figure out right about now, it’s that their hometowns may not be the best places to find jobs where they can apply the degrees they just earned.

It would be nice if we could all land high-paying entry-level gigs a few blocks from the homes we grew up in, but it usually doesn’t work out that way.

Instead, graduates from around …

Business Psychology Meets ‘Game of Thrones’: Who Should Lead Westeros?

Whether people are in it for the violence, the dragons, or the complex characters, the widespread love for Game of Thrones is undeniable. Six years after its first episode debuted, it continues to be a spectacularly popular television show. With the seventh season coming this July, we’ll all be glued to our seats yet again to find out who will take control of the Iron Throne.

For those of us who delight in the understanding and critical evaluation of …

4 Secrets to a Standout Resume

Team player. Results-oriented. Self-motivated.

You already know where this is going. These are some of the most generic terms anyone could use on their resume, and yet everyone uses them. Why? Because we’ve been trained to think that this is what companies want to hear.

To really stand out and grab a reader’s attention, your resume needs to tell your unique story. Skip the clichés and follow …