5 Things to Do If You’re Not Happy at Work

Unhappy at work? Whatever your reasons are, it’s best to tackle them straight on. You don’t want to make any rash decisions, of course, but letting things simmer won’t do you any good, either — it’ll only lead to an explosion eventually.

With that in mind, here’s a five-step plan for addressing your unhappiness in the workplace:

1. Determine Whether You’re in a Slump or Facing Something More Serious

Slumps come and go. We all experience them from time to time, …

How to Spot a Company With Genuinely Happy Employees

It’s always nice to find a job opportunity that comes with a significant pay increase, but salary isn’t necessarily the most important factor for the average job seeker. Today, many professionals are evaluating less quantifiable metrics as well, such as work/life balance and employee satisfaction.

If you really want to find a job you’ll love, you should work on finding companies where the employees are genuinely happy. If you …

How to Find Work/Life Balance in the Job Search

Work/life balance in the job search? Doesn’t that concept only apply to employment?

When I ask my clients about what they look for in their future employers, a majority of them cite work/life balance. If they value work/life balance so much, why shouldn’t they also look for it in the job search itself?

Recently, I

One-Minute Interview Tip: Review Your Own Work History Before the Interview

One of the first things you need to do when prepping for an interview is review your own work history and experience. It’s hard enough to remember what you did two weeks ago, let alone two years ago. Specific examples of workplace wins over the years won’t come back to you as easily as you might expect when you’re sitting across from an interviewer, especially when your nerves kick in. …

On the Job Hunt, Don’t Forget to Say ‘Thank You’

When we were children, adults reminded us over and over again: “Don’t forget to say thank you!” Yet somehow, as adults, we often forget this simple lesson.

Do you always send thank-you notes after interviews? Chances are you don’t – and that’s hurting your shot at landing a great job. I have also noticed that fewer and fewer people are thanking employers for their time in the cover letters they send.

The crazy thing is, a thank-you note is essentially a free …

One-Minute Interview Tip: Do Your Research

When prepping for an interview, you’ll probably spend a lot of time making sure you know the job description inside and out so that you can sell yourself to the interviewer. However, for your interview to be truly successful, you’ll want to be sure to spend just as much time researching the company and the interviewer. Companies aren’t simply looking to hire candidates who can do the job – they want …

Improve Your Personal Finances to Become a More Confident Candidate

It feels terrible to fail at something and not know why – for example, when you’re on the job hunt and can’t seem to get past the interview stage.

A number of factors may be responsible for your interview troubles. The usual suspects would be an anemic resume or answering questions poorly. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out.

Usually, there’s a specific reason why your interviews aren’t going well – and it’s not always what you might think.

It takes most interviewers about

Interested in Cybersecurity? 5 Possible Career Paths to Take:

Cybersecurity is a major concern today for organizations in all industries, and the types of jobs available in the field span many different sectors, including the federal government, nonprofit organizations, private companies, and freelancing opportunities.

With technology becoming more and more and integral to life and business, the need for cybersecurity specialists will only increase in the coming years – and that’s especially true when you consider that cybersecurity threats are

Control the Madness: How a Treatment for Tech Addiction Can Translate to Management Strategy

“Get off your phone!”

How many times have you or your spouse directed that phrase to your children? Between my wife and I, it’s possible that my own kids have heard it close to a million times.

I had a big realization one night when I saw our sons, ages 11 and 8 at the time, being consumed by technology, their eyes clouding over and their faces glued to the flashing images on the phone screen. In addition to the challenges that screen …

One-Minute Interview Tip: Always Be Specific With Your Interviewer

Before any job interview, you should know exactly why you want to work for the company and why your experience makes you a perfect fit for the role. You should also know how to answer interview questions in the most effective manner.

Believe it or not, your communication style and how you present information is just as important as the information itself.

Your interview is not an interrogation. It should …