How to Gain Work Experience While You’re Still in School

I was recently speaking to a group of students about their career aspirations and the task of finding work after graduation when the topic of “entry-level roles” came up. Anyone who has looked at listings for entry-level roles recently has probably noticed that the vast majority of them ask for candidates who have experience already – which can pose a challenge for recent graduates.

When you are studying, it …

6 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Own Job Search – and You Don’t Even Realize It

It’s been a few years since you last looked for work, but now you’re ready to move on to a new opportunity. And you’re feeling pretty good about it – you’re feeling like you’ve got this.

You head to the big job boards like Indeed and CareerBuilder to search and apply for jobs you know you can do with your eyes closed, and then you wait.

You wait for the phone to ring, but it never does.

That’s because the …

Dear Facebook: I’d Rather Use Your Job Search Mobile App (If You Had One)

Dear Facebook,

You have charmed billions. You are a daily fixture in the lives of at least hundreds of millions of people. You’ve introduced so many to the seasoning of chicken, pet adoption, polarizing politics, and fake news.

Facebook is where the people are. We are obsessed with you. You know our dirty secrets, lies, medical conditions, and family news.

You also know our career aspirations, plans, and goals – …

How to Handle a Radical Career Shake-Up

Have you ever faced a challenging work-related situation? I think we all have. Maybe you got laid off, or maybe you made a mistake that cost you your job. Whatever the situation, when we face such challenges, our first reaction is typically negative. We can quickly become overwhelmed by fear, shame, or worry.

But those initial emotions aren’t always warranted. As the brilliant leader and CEO Tom Darden once said to me, “No matter what happens, our initial emotions are almost …

6 Tips for Getting Out of Your House During a Job Search

I always tell my career center orientation attendees that they should get out of the house every day when they’re on the job search. Silly as it sounds, I can’t think of a better piece of advice. It’s so simple, yet it can be a game changer.

I know that some of the attendees are sitting behind their computers until their eyes ache. I also know it’s not healthy to be …

Failing Fast and Succeeding: How Smart Women Build Confidence

Article by Wendy Sachs

Big trends have a way of touching all of us. From tattoos to Birkenstocks to gay marriage, certain ideas, products, and political movements are able to reach critical mass and gain acceptance, folding into the fabric of our collective culture. Today, Silicon Valley and the startup world are our cultural crushes.

Our love of the Valley is part mythology, with its “unicorn” billion-dollar startups like

Understanding Your Personal Thinking Style Is Key to Advancing Your Career

Do you know what strengths you bring to the table and how to maximize your thinking, talents, and perspective?

Our individual thinking styles affect how we interact with colleagues, tackle projects, and present ideas and information. As you advance in your career, knowing what makes you you and how your distinct personality clicks with others will help you identify opportunities to contribute, grow, and shine as …

Nail Your Next Phone Interview With These 13 Tips [Infographic]

Phone interviews are awkward. It’s nerve-racking, trying to impress a stranger on the other end of the phone without the benefit of body language. Every time the two of you speak over one another by accident, you cringe a little more.
But no matter how uncomfortable phone interviews are, they’re integral pieces of the hiring process for most organizations. If …

3 Ways the Annual Review Process Could Change This Year

Performance management is a major topic of discussion among HR professionals right now, with the debate largely centered around how annual performance reviews can be transformed to serve both managers and employees better. Many companies have decided to ditch the annual review process altogether, while others are opting to stick with this old-fashioned technique.

Only 8 percent of companies …

Beat Your Job Interview Nerves With This Cheat Sheet

One common issue many candidates face in an interview is forgetting what they want to say. Essentially, the candidate’s mind goes blank. All the great answers they had prepared just disappear.

This can be a huge hurdle to overcome, and it can lead to you missing out on roles that you are a great fit for. However, there is a way to beat this blankness. The first step is to …