The Best and Bravest Question to Ask in a Job Interview

Article by Jenny Hargrave

What is the one thing everyone wants to know at the end of an interview – and yet rarely asks about? We want to know how we performed. We want to know if there is anything the interviewer didn’t like about us. The initial post-interview high and sense of relief can, all too easily, change to feelings of uncertainty.

The solution is simple: Ask.

The Top 5 ‘Un-Resolutions’ to Make for Your Job Search in 2017

Is getting a better job or improving your current work situation on your list of resolutions this year? Since most resolutions are totally forgotten by mid-February, I suggest you try making some “un-resolutions” instead.

What’s an un-resolution? It’s a list of things you want to stop doing! Sometimes, not doing something is more critical to your success than doing something.

Here are five un-resolutions you can make for your 2017 job …

Trust Your Intuition When Searching for a New Job

You may wonder, “What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen during my job search?” Is it making a fool of yourself in an interview? Is it saying the wrong thing? Is it wearing the wrong outfit?

It’s actually none of these things. Hands down, the worst thing that could possibly happen during your job search is that you don’t listen to your intuition.

When it comes to looking for and …

Is Your Body Language Messing Up Your Interview Performance? [Infographic]

You just got the call – and the employer has decided not to move forward with your candidacy.

That confuses you. You thought the interview went great! Your experience matched the job’s requirements, and your answers were thorough, informative, and relevant. What gives?

Perhaps it was your body language that sabotaged you.

Interviewers place a pretty big emphasis on candidate body language, and for good reason: It can reveal things about …

6 Styles of Leadership – and How to Use Them Effectively [Infographic]

At the risk of sounding like an after-school special, everyone is a leader in their own way. Some of us head up departments, others coach their daughters’ soccer teams, and still others are the informal “leaders” of their friend groups – you know, the people who make the call about which bar to meet at because the rest of us can’t make up our minds.

So the real question isn’t “Are …

3 Things to Consider When an Interviewer Asks “Why Should We Hire You?”

For many job seekers, “Why should we hire you?” is one of the most difficult interview questions to answer. Don’t take it from me – take it from my clients, who list this as one of the hardest questions presented by interviewers.

I understand their concerns. To answer this question, you have to articulate what the interviewer is trying to ascertain. In addition, you have to make your answer relevant to the …

The Dos and Don’ts of the January Job Search

The beginning of a new year means a fresh start. If you’re thinking about a career change or a new job, January is the best possible time to begin the process. Hiring budgets have just been renewed for the year, and new positions are popping up everywhere. Take advantage of this time of year by making the most of your January job search.

Before you get started, check out this list …

5 Ways You’re Turning Off Recruiters

Engaging with recruiters can be a great way to optimize your job search. However, you may be inadvertently turning recruiters off with your behavior.

Here are five candidate behaviors recruiters hate:

1. Not Reading the Job Advertisement

Granted, agency job ads range from gloriously descriptive to plain and generic, but all will include basic details like whether the job is temporary or permanent, salary range, location, and …

How to Be Intentional With Your Job Search

If you decide it’s time to change your career path or find yourself unemployed, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the job search. Your new part-time job becomes figuring out what job boards are relevant, reading job descriptions, and filling out applications that seem to only grow in length.

The idea is to apply to as many jobs as possible and see what sticks, right?

May I suggest a new approach? …

This Is Your Year – Reinvent Your Career

Have you ever thought that you might have picked the wrong career path? If so, you’re not alone. Ask a friend how they ended up in their career. There’s a good chance they just happened to fall into it through a college internship or some network connections.

You may have started your own career out in a similar way. But then you were on the path, you learned more, you …