3 Tips for Building Connections That Last

While management is often a serious and goal-directed pursuit, there also exists a contrary approach – “management by walking around.” The idea is that you can sometimes manage best just by wandering around the factory floor or office without any specific agenda other than to learn something useful and, more importantly, to establish connections with your coworkers and employees. These connections are some of the most important management tools you can …

How to Make the Most of a Performance Review

Do you wish you were making more money? Do you feel frustrated that you haven’t received the promotion you’ve been waiting for?

Well, now’s the time to make a case for yourself – when your annual employee performance evaluation is coming up.

One of the biggest mistakes people make at work is not taking performance reviews seriously enough. Many of us see them as yet another item we have to check …

Use These 6 Important Components When Telling Your Interview Stories

I remember being in a Chinese restaurant in Vancouver, Canada, where my four brothers, my mother, my father, and I were waiting for our food to come. My father was telling us a story about our favorite topic – how our parents met – and even though the food was late, we didn’t care. Dad had our complete attention.

In a way, my dad’s storytelling in the Chinese restaurant in Vancouver was similar to what job candidates must do

How to Survive a Pay Cut

There may come a time in your career when you need to consider taking a cut in salary. This could happen during a realignment of work and life priorities – e.g., taking a back seat in the office to get more time with the kids – or if you’re making a career change and have to step down to build up experience.

As much as it may pain you to see …

The 5 Most Common Resume Mistakes and How to Fix Them

On average, a corporate job opening receives roughly 250 applications. In order to stay in the running for an interview, you’ll need a great resume. Even if you have impressive work experience and the perfect skill set for the posted position, one simple resume mistake can get you rejected.

As the team success manager at One Click, I’d …

Preparing Your Career for 2017

The holidays can be a difficult time in the life of a professional. Things at work start to slow down a bit, which gives people time to begin considering what they might like to find in a new job, whether it’s more money, a new position, or a better work-life balance.

Unfortunately, the time between Thanksgiving and the new year is also a slower time of year for hiring. Many …

What Independent Workers Can Expect From the Trump Administration

Over the years, independent workers have experienced both victories and losses in terms of their protections under the law. With a new presidential administration coming into office that greatly differs from the current one with respect to ideology, many freelancers and other self-employed workers are left wondering what they can expect under President-elect Trump.

The number of independent workers aged 21 and older clocks in at nearly 40 million, according to

Getting Active: Physical Fitness Is Good for You and Good for Business

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. Our growing softness, our increasing lack of physical fitness, is a menace to our security.” – John F. Kennedy
We just returned from two weeks in Europe exploring the Mediterranean and enjoying Rome, Florence, and Barcelona. We walked easily 5-10 miles a day.

One night, a friend and client posted a picture on …

The Competition Has an Elevator Speech – Do You?

A WorkSphere survey released in September by Spherion Staffing Services reveals that, for the most part, employees can articulate what they do for a living in 30 seconds or less. Eighty-nine percent of employees feel confident in their ability to give an “elevator speech,” which suggests that a large portion of the workforce is equipped with …