6 Tips to Help You Become a Networking Guru

Networking is a skill that makes a huge impact on your career – if you use it correctly. Conversely, bad networking practices can seriously hurt your reputation.

When executed properly, networking can be a great way for the unemployed to get back to work and for corporate middle managers to climb the ranks within their organizations (or at new ones).

To help you make the most of your networking efforts, …

4 Tips for Overcoming a Lack of Career Experience

We’ve all been there: You’re in the middle of applying for a job, and the dreaded “years of experience” question pops up. It demands a minimum number that you don’t meet – but you know you have the skills to do the job!

What exactly is a career newcomer to do when previous experience is such an emphasized element of the job-hunting process? This metric is even more daunting if you’re …

How to Successfully Job Search During the Holiday Season

Many job seekers have told me that they want to put their searches on hold during the holidays because they don’t believe they will see results during this period.

This is a mistake! Despite the common opinion, many companies continue with their recruiting efforts during the holidays. While you might need to be more patient, there is a huge benefit in leveraging this slower time. With the proper strategy, it is …

7 Ways to Be a Standout Candidate

It can be tough to stand out from the crowd during your job search. So many people are in the market for work right now, and that means employers are often flooded with hundreds of resumes for any open position.

One entry-level job seeker recently asked me: How do I stand out from everyone else?

Our discussion was lengthy, but here are the seven main points that …

Now Is the Time to Plan Your Career Strategy for the New Year

Yes, I hate it, too, when people mention Christmas in November. Let’s at least wait until December!

That said, it’s never too early to start thinking about the new year when it comes to your career. In fact, there’s never a bad time to be thinking about your career.

Let’s be honest: Most people invest more time in planning their annual two-week holiday than they do in planning their career.

10 Elements of a Great Cover Letter

Your cover letter could be the difference between getting selected for an interview and missing out on the job of your dreams. While the digital age may have changed how you apply for jobs, many employers still demand traditional cover letters. Be sure yours makes the best first impression by meeting the following criteria:

1. Uniqueness

Many hiring managers will trash a cover letter if it’s not customized. Putting …

6 Job-Search Strengths and Challenges for Introverts

After a sleepless night and a very long day at work, I’m not too keen on going to a business networking event tonight. Normally I’d go, but I see the following scenario unfolding: The night will start off fine, but soon I will become tired and want to leave, most likely at 7:00 p.m.

So I’ll to do what is best for all: I won’t go to the event.

4 Life-Changing Resources Worth Incorporating Into Your Job Search

Most people are not currently conducting proactive job searches. At best, most job seekers only implement a couple of strategies with no consideration for their personal brands or productivity. Often, these job seekers have resigned themselves to simply using a job board to occasionally look for open roles.

Today, in an effort to help job seekers be more proactive in their searches, I want to share four resources they can add …

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Career Skill Set

In 2011, I began a new job search in earnest, submitting close to 100 job applications over a three-year period. The only two interviews I got were for unpaid internships. I was positively baffled and discouraged by the experience. Why was this happening to me?

To find the answer, I examined my job search, scoured what seems like every job-related chat forum on the planet, read books and blog posts, and spoke to …

The Big Misconception About Job Applications That Is Ruining Your Search

In the 1989 film Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner’s character builds a baseball field after hearing a voice say, “If you build it, he will come.” As job seekers, it seems we often take a similar approach.

Let me explain. When looking for a job, we focus a tremendous amount of energy on building perfect resumes, making fantastic LinkedIn profiles, and writing compelling cover letters. We pour hours of work into these items. Then, the clock starts ticking. Months pass. …